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Tips for tea like an english person

- Tea can be drunk pure, with milk or with lemon. - Never put the tea bag in the cup. It is necessary to leave to infuse the herbs or the sachet in the teapot. - It is not good to squeeze the bag with the spoon, turning the thread while we crush it -…
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The tea tradition of the five

Since its inception, tea has been an invitation to strengthen the relationships and rituals of each society, and has become the perfect excuse for people to meet to talk, "said the writer Francis Amalfi Tea is the most consumed beverage worldwide after water. The ancient tradition of tea in Japan and England is known where…
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National Mate Day

Mate is one of the most popular and beloved infusions of Argentina and that is why, since 2015, on November 30 is celebrated the National Day of Mate. This date was chosen in commemoration of the birth of Andrés Guacarí and Artigas, former general commander of the province of Misiones. An interesting personality, who encouraged…
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El Día Nacional del Mate

El mate es una de las infusiones más populares y más queridas de Argentina y es por eso que, desde 2015, el 30 de noviembre se celebra el Día Nacional del Mate. Se eligió esta fecha en conmemoración al nacimiento de Andrés Guacarí y Artigas, ex comandante general de la provincia de Misiones. Una personalidad…
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Cereals balance and energize

Cereals are synonymous with health, they were always the basis of nutrition of many cultures, balance the diet, provide energy and a minimum of fat. One bar of cereal per day provides carbohydrates and fiber. In addition, it includes vitamin D and iron, which usually are not easy to include in the diet as recommended.…
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Los cereales equilibran y energizan

Los cereales son sinónimo de salud, siempre fueron la base de alimentación de muchas culturas, equilibran la dieta, aportan energía y un mínimo de grasas. Una barra de cereal por día aporta carbohidratos y fibra. Además, incluye vitamina D y hierro, que por lo general no son fáciles de incluir en la dieta en la…
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Celiacs suitable for croissants

For all coeliacs we share a simple and delicious recipe to savor at breakfast or snack with some delicious mates. Ingredients Butter 200 grs Syrup c / n Dough: Corn starch 150 grs Cassava starch 150 grs Whole milk powder 150 grs Sugar Integral Jesper 80 grs Salt 1 cdita Lemon zest n / n…
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Medialunas apto celíacos

Para todos los celíacos compartimos una receta sencilla y deliciosa para saborear en el desayuno o la merienda con unos ricos mates. Ingredientes Manteca 200 grs Almíbar c/n Masa: Almidón de maíz 150 grs Fécula de mandioca 150 grs Leche en polvo entera 150 grs Azúcar Integral Jesper 80 grs Sal 1 cdita Ralladura de limón…
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black tea biscuit

Get surprise your friends with this recipe easy to make and low in calories. Black tea, strong flavor, combined with ginger of a special flavor to a simple black tea biscuit. Ingredients: 240 ml of water 2 tablespoons of black tea JESPER 200 gr of wholemeal flour 1 teaspoon of yeast 1 teaspoon baking soda 1…
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