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Green tea helps prevent Alzheimer’s

Green tea is only an effective body thermoregulator or a recognized natural diuretic, but also its consumption is a method of prevention against Alzheimer's, or at least, a way to reduce the risk of developing this disease. According to a study carried out by the University of McMaster, in Canada, and published by the...
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Desayuno Sorpresa para Regalar

¿Cómo Hacer una Taza Pintada para regalar Materiales:
  • taza de cerámica blanca
  • pinturas para cerámica
  • letras adhesivas
  • pincel de esponja para estarcir
1. Limpiá bien la taza con alcohol para eliminar cualquier rastro de grasa. 2. Pegá las letras adhesivas con el mensaje elegido, por ejemplo “Te quiero”. 3. Colocá un poco de pintura sobre un plato descartable, mojá la esponja...
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Organic recipe: Mandarins Pudding

Ingredients: 3 Mandarins 1 Cup Sugar Cane Jesper 2 cups all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon of Baking Soda 2 Eggs 1 cup of neutral oil preparation: - First wash the mandarins well since we use them with the shell and they must be well cleaned. - Cut the mandarins in the middle and remove the seeds, then process them. - On the other hand mix the...
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Plum jam with cane sugar

Ingredients: - 700 gr of plums (peeled, without spit or pit) - 250 gr of whole sugar from Cane Jesper - Juice of 2 lemons Preparation: Wash the plums well, peel them, remove the stone and cut into small pieces in a saucepan. Add Sugar Cane Jesper and juice of 2 lemons. Remove well and let stand 30 minutes to...
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Tea ceremony that makes life more enjoyable

Tea was first introduced by Buddhist monks in the ninth century approximately; And later, around the thirteenth century was introduced the green tea that currently known as characteristic of Japan. The ceremony was evolved influenced by Zen Buddhism. Cha-ji alludes to the whole tea ceremony, including a fruity meal (kaiseki), light tea and I hope (koicha)...
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Cereal bars

Enjoy with these healthy cereal bars with sugar cane. They are very easy, gluten free and without having to turn on the oven! Ingredients: Leer más

Yerba Mate Cocktail

Encourage to invent new drinks from yerba mate. We teach you to prepare a cocktail with Yerba Mate. You can try different fruits and / or herbs to surprise your friends. I followed this basic recipe to create yours !! Ingredients:
1 liter of  boiled Yerba Mate Jesper 2 glasses of dry vermouth 1/2 glass of cognac 8 spoons Sugar...
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How to prepare a blend of tea?

We teach you to prepare your own blend, your own blend of tea and other ingredients. Those that you like more, can be herbs, fruits, flowers and spices. The art of "tea blending" requires some basic conditions, to make it delicious. Firstly I defined what effect you are trying to provoke: relax, activate, comfort or simply...
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Black Tea Biscuit

Infusing the liquids in a recipe is a good way to boost the flavors and give a different flavor. In this case, we use black tea, strong flavor, which combined with ginger gives a special flavor to a simple black tea cake. Surprised your friends with this easy-to-make and low calorie recipe. Ingredients: 240 ml of water 2...
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