Tips for tea like an english person

– Tea can be drunk pure, with milk or with lemon.

– Never put the tea bag in the cup. It is necessary to leave to infuse the herbs or the sachet in the teapot.

– It is not good to squeeze the bag with the spoon, turning the thread while we crush it

– Do not suck the spoon or drink from the cup with it inside

– If we squeeze a few drops of lemon, the fingers are cleaned with the napkin, we do not suck them or put the lemon in the mouth

– If you want to add milk, it will be done after serving the tea, avoiding spilling the liquid through the dish or the tablecloth.

– For the English it is a great lack of education to dip a paste or cookie inside the tea. Pity: they will never understand our love of chocolate with churros.

– Do not shake the cup as if it were a glass of wine. Neither grab it to warm our hands

– The cup is held by the handle and with the fingertip of the thumb, index and heart. The rest of the fingers collected.

– Never hold the cup with the little finger stretched. This custom is incorrect, although we may seem polite, it is not so.

– Leave at least one centimeter between the liquid you serve and the edge of the cup. The excess can cause the spilling of the sugar, spilling the content

– If the liquid is very hot, do not blow excessively, or stir with the spoon, we run the risk of spilling the tea. The contents of the cup are not fanned either.

– Drink in small drinks, without sipping or making noise when swallowing.

– If you want to sweeten you have to use the teaspoon of the sugar bowl. You never have to put it back in the sugar bowl if it was introduced into tea.

– When pouring sugar, stirring holding the spoon with the index finger and thumb making small circles is sufficient.

– If, when serving or stirring, liquid falls into the saucer, it should be left there, not returned to the bowl.
– Do not drink before removing. Do not suck the spoon.

– If you drink tea sitting, you just have to raise the cup. If you are standing, it is best to accompany the cup with the plate. If you are right-handed, hold the plate with your left hand and the cup with your right. The plate is raised to the height of the chest approximately.

– The teaspoon is always left on the plate, never in contact with the table or tablecloth.

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