The tea tradition of the five

Since its inception, tea has been an invitation to strengthen the relationships and rituals of each society, and has become the perfect excuse for people to meet to talk, "said the writer Francis Amalfi

Tea is the most consumed beverage worldwide after water. The ancient tradition of tea in Japan and England is known where there is a whole ceremony to serve and drink it.

The tea tradition of the five English began with the seventh Duchess of Bedford, Anna-Maria Stanhope Russell. In that Victorian era, the nobles sat at the table twice a day, at breakfast and at dinner, at the beginning of dusk.

The Duchess Anna experienced continual fainting, so in 1830 she took to serving an assortment of appetizers and cakes with a cup of tea to curb her appetite until dinner at night. It was she who began to invite her friends to these daily snacks, giving rise to the Tea Party of the English court.

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