How to prepare yerba mate with green tea in order to drink mate cocido?

For those who prefer to take mate in a cup, we share here a delicious and special recipe for Mate Cocido.
Prepared with Green Tea-flavored Yerba Mate, it will provide bioflavonoids to your daily diet, which regulate cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of cardiac disease; it also contributes to achieve better oral health due to its fluoride content.

  1. Place a teaspoonful of Jesper Yerba Mate with Green Tea for every cup to be brewed.
  2. Pour the necessary amount of boiling water
  3. Let it sit for three minutes
  4. Strain infusion into cup.
  5. You can also take it cold, as a refresher, either sweet or with some lemon
  6. Secondary Effects: NONE
  7. Can be taken in the amounts you want to. Has no restrictions.
  8. Can be purchased in pharmacies, health food stores and herb stores.

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