Ban Cha Product Packaging and Preparation

Product Packaging: 50 g bag with leaves and twigs.

Ban cha tea is an artisanal tea, harvested by hand after the leaves have remained in the plant for more than 3 years. Dried naturally.


Boil the twigs during 3 to 5 minutes, then add a bunch of leaves and boil for another minute. Turn the burner off and let it sit fully covered during 5 minutes. The leaves and twigs are strained and can be reutilized by leaving them inside a clay or ceramic container (without any liquid) while it waits to be used again, adding more minutes to the process.

It can be purchased in pharmacies, health food stores and herb stores in Argentine.

It is indicated when you want to start a diet or a health treatment. Talk to your physician or natural therapist about the benefits in this Health Tea.

CALCIUM *Bancha720
Yoghurt 120
Whole milk 118
Tofu 128
Sardines 437
Powdered Milk 909
Sesame 1160
Tofu 126
White rice 150
Salmon 186
Oats 406
Sardines 499
Sunflower 837
VITAMIN C * Bancha120
Oranges 50
Lemons 77
Cabbage 102
Parsley 172
Green Tea 280
Red peppers 369
* values expressed in mg

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