Black Tea Packaging Presentations

Jesper Black Tea Packaging Options:

  • Jesper Black Tea Bags: Boxes of 25 individually-wrapped tea bags.
  • Jesper Loose Leaf Black Tea: 1kg bag of Loose Leaf Black.
  • Jesper Loose Leaf Black Tea: 50g bottle of Loose Leaf Black.

The tea leaf are pure, ideal for preparing the liquor in a traditional way and for blending to personal taste.
Jesper Black tea in pure broken leaf can be mixed with flowers, herbs, seasonings, etc. to personal taste.
The presentation in 1 kilo bags is special for this type of mix.

Jesper cultural contribution
Jesper Whole Leaf Black Tea Bottles are designed with limited edition labels, featuring works by Visual artists. The designs are periodically renewed with different works by various visual artists from Misiones.

It can be purchased in health food stores and herb stores in Argentine

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