Whole Cane Sugar


Whole cane sugar, also known as muscovado or mascavo sugar, is a product originating in the crystallization of sugar cane juice yet it is neither processed nor refined, therefore it contributes with its nutritional value to our diet. It contains B-complex vitamins and minerals such as potassium, calcium, sodium and magnesium.
It is very dark brown in color, yet it is not the same as light brown (or blonde) and dark brown sugar. It has a great amount of molasses, which is shown in its very special aroma and taste, and additionally, it features a somehow sticky texture.

The manufacturing process consists, initially, in heating up the juice extracted from sugar cane. Then, water is left to evaporate completely until a dry residue is obtained which is afterwards ground.
The main producer of this variety of sugar in our country is the province of Misiones, in the Organic Basin, where our manufacturing facility is located.
Although it does sweeten like regular sugar, muscovado sugar can be used to add flavor to infusions or else in recipes for cakes and desserts.
It is not possible to find it in supermarkets, but it can be typically purchased in health food stores and herb stores.

Product Packaging options: 500g and 5kg bags.

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