1) “Mate does not serve as food

FALSE. Yerba Mate has more nutritional contributions than we imagine. “The benefits and therapeutic aspects of yerba mate are similar to green tea, although more nutritious: it provides vitamins B1, B2, more than ten types of amino acids, iron, magnesium, sodium and potassium. the ability to increase the levels of good cholesterol (HDL) in the blood and raise an enzyme (paraoxonase-1) that exerts a cardioprotective factor at the blood level.

2) “It serves to lose weight

FALSE. It does not serve specifically for but it can be included in weight reduction plans. In those cases, it is useful to include it as an infusion that is part of breakfast, snack or snack and that does not add calories, it is recommended not to add sugar.

3) “For breakfast, with some mates reaches

FALSE. Eating breakfast is more than drinking tea, coffee or mate. Ideally, breakfast should include foods from at least four of the basic groups: dairy, cereals, fruits, sugars and fats.

4) “It serves to reach the two liters of water that we have to take per day

FALSE. It does not serve to reach the two liters of water that we have to take per day because the mate has a diuretic effect. This means that it favors the elimination of liquids. For its part, pure water can not be substituted, since it meets specific objectives: it has a metabolic function and enters different cells and tissues or organs, such as the kidney, intestine, skin and mucous membranes, among others.

5) “Do not take it at night

FALSE. Many people avoid drinking mate at night so it does not interfere with the sleeping process. It is important to clarify that although mateine ​​has properties similar to caffeine (both are promoters of mental activity, increase energy, concentration capacity and resistance to physical fatigue), mate does not directly interfere with the processes of sleep.

6) “It can generate cellulite

FALSE. To avoid the appearance of orange peel, it is recommended to reduce coffee consumption, but this alert does not extend to other infusions, such as mate. What causes cellulite are bad eating habits, sedentary lifestyle, hormonal changes and genetics.

7) “It can be taken in large quantities

FALSE. “Its continuous consumption can inflame the liver and spleen, and it is not advisable in case of joint problems, such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, bone pain or rheumatism.” Yerba can be combined with some medicinal herbs to minimize its effect.

8) “It has a laxative effect

TRUE. Mate is used in acute or chronic treatments of constipation and associated disorders.

9) “The best thing is to take it bitter

TRUE. The ideal is to take it bitter or with sweetener, to avoid the high consumption of unnecessary sugar. In case of opting for a sweetener, many specialists recommend stevia as a natural option.

10) “It can produce acidity

TRUE. It is recommended to stop taking it in case of gastric acidity or digestive discomfort.