Whole Cane Sugar Jesper


Whole cane or mascabo or mascabado sugar is the product of the crystallization of sugar cane juice but it is not processed or refined, for this reason they provide nutritional value to our diet, among which group B vitamins, minerals such as potassium stand out. , calcium, sodium and magnesium.


Its color is dark brown, although it is not the same as blonde or black. It has a large amount of molasses, which translates into a very particular aroma and flavor, as well as a somewhat sticky texture.
The manufacturing method consists, initially, in heating the juice extracted from the sugar cane. The water is then allowed to evaporate completely until a dry residue is obtained, which is subsequently ground.
The main producer of this variety of sugar in our country is Misiones within the Organic Basin, where our establishment is located.
Although it sweetens less than white, brown sugar can be used to add flavor to infusions or for recipes such as cakes or desserts.
It is still practically not available in supermarkets, but it is very common to find it in dietetics and naturist houses.
Presentation: 500 g. and 5 kg.


Whole sugar is extracted from the juice of sugar cane. This liquid is cooked in metal vats until its total crystallization is obtained.
Thanks to the fact that it does not go through the refining process, whole sugar preserves all the wealth of mineral salts (calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, etc.), fibers and vitamins naturally associated with sucrose in sugar cane.
Unlike white sugar, it provides important essential substances for the body; It is rich in natural sucrose, making it easy to absorb and digest.
It is rich in essential substances such as:
Dietary fibers that slow down the absorption of sugars, allowing the assimilation of food to be more balanced and natural energy to be stored in the body for longer.
Calcium and phosphorus that promote blood coagulation, and are essential for the formation and maintenance of teeth and bones.
Iron, vital to prevent anemia.
Potassium that collaborates in the metabolic process.