Yerba Mate with Serrana Herbs Jesper


The combination of Yerba Mate with Mint, Peppermint and Pennyroyal blends powerful properties present in these natural herbs that boost the health of our body. Among the most significant ones, we can mention:

It helps to eliminate gas; it is carminative when used for colics and contributes to enhance digestion.
It eliminates fats.
It helps to expectorate mucus from our lungs and thus controls common colds.
It produces a general stimulating effect.
The infusion helps in cases el headaches and insomnia.
Thanks to the properties of peppermint, it helps control stomachaches, stomach weakness, and nervousness in general.

Product Packaging Yerba Mate Hiebas Jesper:
Yerba Mate Hiebas Jesper 500g pack.
Our yerba with Herbs Serranas from Cordoba: mint, pepper and pennyroyal gives mate a delicate non-invasive flavor and natural properties for health. Suitable for celiacs. PRODUCT WITHOUT TACC
It is available in pharmacies, health food stores, health food stores and natural stores in Argentine