● Itacaruaré, Provincia de Misiones, Argentina


Jesper is the premium brand produced by Infusiones Naturales SRL, an Argentine company dedicated to growing, producing, packaging and marketing ecologically monitored products, which are fully controlled up until they reach consumers’ hands.

The manufacturing establishment is located within the Organic Basin of the Province of Misiones, in the town of Itacaruaré, on the Southeast circuit of Misiones along the Yerba Mate Road, on the Northeast of Argentina, next to the border with Brazil and Paraguay, 130 km away from Posadas, the capital city of the province, and some 1,100 km away from Buenos Aires.

Our origins can be traced back over 50 years, when our relatives from Sweden, who made their living as farmers, settled in Misiones and decided to grow the land. Throughout three generations, technical know-how and farming practices have been transmitted and enhanced until it was possible to reach what stands today as a family-based company devoted to the production of natural food products generated in an ecologically controlled environment.

● Itacaruaré, Provincia de Misiones, Argentina


● Our Mission
To become leaders in quality, service and price with our brands and products.
To develop the market for Yerba Mate and Tea in Argentina.
To improve the quality of living in our planet, by producing without contaminating the environment, and without affecting the health of farmers by preventing them from being exposed to agrochemicals.

● Our Goals
To diversify by incorporating new products to our already existing lines.
To grow internally and externally, by enhancing our processes and our related services.

Our Business Proposal
To seek profitability among suppliers (manufacturers and distributors alike) by generating momentum in areas of common interest with the purpose of facing, together, the growing needs of consumers.
To set up a permanent and personalized relationship with our suppliers and distributors based on strategic alliances, both at national and international level.

● Our Strategy
In order to accomplish what we have stated earlier, we will keep working on complying with our standards for quality and prices, as a priority, a goal we will meet through supervision and continuous improvement in our processes.

● Itacaruaré, Provincia de Misiones, Argentina


Internal Audits

The company is controlled under strict quality standards, by qualified and expert auditors who are constantly receiving training in new methods and technologies.

Likewise, as part of our internal philosophy, the company is in close contact with international specialists in food quality and safety, and receives orientation provided by well-known national organizations, such as SENASA, INTA, INTI and several universities.