Canchada Yerba Mate Jesper


What is Yerba Mate Canchada?

The aborigines crushed the leaves naturally in a place called the era or court, near the barbacuá. They placed the leaves between two hides and then crushed them with sticks, machetes or a flail struck with force. The beating or stirring was done until the leaves and twigs were completely reduced to fragments and dust.
As another alternative, they developed an instrument called manigua or mangua.
They made a well in the ground, covered it with leather and deposited the leaves there and used the hose as a mortar.
Currently, when the yerba mate has achieved its stalking, it is roughly crushed with a canchadora machine and the process is called canchado.
This process allows to reduce the moisture content in relation to the harvested green yerba mate. After a coarse grinding in which yerba mate canchada is obtained through different types of parking, a material is obtained that will be part of the elaboration of the final product from mixtures, fine grinding and processing according to the final product.
Because it is thicker, Canchada yerba mate is ideal for tereré because it does not cover the straw.
It has the same properties and virtues for health of traditional yerba mate< /a>


Coarsely ground Yerba Mate. Ideal for tereré since it does not cover the bulb. WITHOUT GLUTEN. Suitable for coeliacs
Origin: Itacaruaré Organic Basin, Misiones
Drying: natural
Parking: natural 12 months
Presentation: 10kg bag.
View: Coarse grinding.
Aroma: Notes of dry and fresh grass.
Taste: Notes of dry and fresh grass, citrus and minerals.