Infusiones Naturales SRL markets its products with its brand, Jesper, used for tea, yerba mate and whole cane sugar in the national market, and through a network of distributors in the whole country who, in turn, supply health food stores, herb stores and pharmacies.

In addition, the company supplies tea-packaging companies that produce different blends under their own brands.
Bulk sales are made on request, for FNG types (tea bags) and OP (loose leaf), and pursuant to the requirements raised by clients.
Our manufacturing plant has a capacity to produce 40 tons per month of typified tea. The harvesting period runs, approximately, from November to April, depending on weather conditions, therefore making our harvesting capacity 240 tons of typified dry tea.
Likewise, by-products from typified tea are also marketed, such as stems, fiber and powder, which are generally used by other industries.
Another product we produce is twig tea for exporting companies from Misiones.


What is a blend of tea?
It is mixture of tea (red, green, black, etc.) with some other substance of a different species, and a special style, namely, tea with flowers; tea with fruit, tea with spices, smoked tea, tea with other tea varieties. This is what tea blending basically boils down to: something that is mixed and drifts away from its intrinsic purity, yet seeks an ally in order to project a new flavor.