Yerba Mate without stick Jesper


Jesper despalada yerba mate has been made WITHOUT STICKS with raw material grown in ecologically preserved soils of Itacaruaré organic basin, in Misiones, Argentina. Its flavor is intense, stronger than traditional yerba mate and with greater texture. Ideal for lovers of bitter mate.

Like yerba mate, it contains Potassium, Magnesium, B complex vitamins. Mate is an excellent tonic and cleanser due to its diuretic nature. It has excellent antioxidant properties. Helps remove bad cholesterol and has cardioprotective effects. Helps clean the intestines, promotes attention and intellectual activities.
It is also a powerful energizer due to mateina, an active principle of the catechin group. Yerba mate is a natural source of energy that stimulates intellectual and physical effort.


It is a yerba mate that does not have sticks in its grinding. Ideal for lovers of bitter mate. Without gluten. Celiac friendly. Product WITHOUT TACC
Origin: Itacaruaré Organic Basin, Misiones
dryness: natural
Parking: natural of 12 months
Presentation: 500g package.
View: green with yellow reflections. Uniform grinding, medium, small leaves, sticks and powder
Aroma: Notes of dry and fresh grass. Notes of brown sugar and minerals.
Taste: It has an entrance with marked canines. Greater structure in the mouth, envelops the palate. Long and persistent aftertaste, with a balanced bitterness.
Comments: It is an ideal yerba blend for drinkers of bitter mate
It is available in pharmacies, dietetics, herbalists and natural stores throughout the country.