Cereals are synonymous with health, they were always the basis of nutrition of many cultures, balance the diet, provide energy and a minimum of fat. One bar of cereal per day provides carbohydrates and fiber. In addition, it includes vitamin D and iron, which usually are not easy to include in the diet as recommended. As if that were not enough, they balance the blood sugar level, provide a quarter of the daily recommended vitamins and minerals, are low in fat and do not get fat.
Breakfast is very important since it allows you to have the necessary energy for the day’s activities. A complete breakfast should consist of cereals, dairy products and fruits.

What exactly do the cereals bring?

Carbohydrates: they contribute energy to the organism during a long period of time, be it in a sports or work activity.
Proteins: the protein that most often has cereal is gluten. It is not the case of the Natural Break bar that comes WITHOUT TACC.
Fats: are beneficial to keep the cardiovascular system in good condition.
Vitamins: help the correct development and functioning of the nervous system
Minerals: phosphorus, zinc, silicon and iron
Fiber: mainly cellulose. I included a bar of cereal and honey in all your breakfasts and you will notice the difference!